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Humphrey Bogart

Humphrey Bogart is one of my favorte actors of all time. That swagger, that sneer, those lips. He is one of those classic rebel gods. Because i have love and devotion for him, i am making this web page dedicated in his honor. I hope you find it satisfactory and i also hope you have fun with it! On this page you will find some pictures and there is also a biography and a filmography which you will find the links to below. I hope that you will be gracious enough to leave me a comment and your email or URL in my guestbook. Thank You for visting.

If you enjoyed these pictures then please do me the honor of visiting the other sections of Humphrey land.
Here is a Humphrey Bogart biography that is quite informative.

Or you can click this link below:
Here is a filmography of all of his movies

Humphrey as a baby

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