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Marlon Brando

I remmeber the first time i saw A Streetcar Named Desire. Immediately i become entralled with Stanley Kowalski. Who played him, how old is he, is he married? Later i found out that the amazing Marlon Brando played him. (an played him exquisitely may i add) it was those lips that got me first. Then his eyes and then his gorgeous face. I was in love. In love with a man i did not know. Well it is many years later and i still adore him. Every time i watch A streercar Named Desire i am taken back to that first time i watched it. So i made this page in tribute to the man Marlon Brando used to be and the film that made me adore him. There are pictures a filography and other stuff. Enjoy your stay!

*I must warn you, this site is slightly graphic intensive. But be patient it is well worth it!*

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